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Finding relief from pain is important to everyone. Below are the top 10 natural pain relievers that can be used in substitution for any over-the-counter medications you might normally take.

The use of herbs and spices as natural pain relievers may be a welcome bit of news after you have gotten tired of taking medication after medication.

Chili Peppers

The capsaicin in chili peppers helps by cutting down on the pain signals that travel to the brain. This means you feel less pain because your body isn’t receiving the signals to keep feeling it. Headaches, shingles and arthritis are all conditions that can be helped by having food spiced with chili peppers.

Ginger Root

Arthritis pain is helped by ginger root, and so are menstrual cramps. The acidity around the joints and the inflammation are decreased by the antioxidant properties in the root. This root is helpful for colds and nausea as well.

Devil’s Claw

The iridoid glycosides in this herb help with heartburn, liver issues and lower back pain. It also works for the treatment of inflammation.


Taking Magnesium helps reduce stress and improves muscle, joint and bone health. It also is important for 300 enzyme reactions within the body.


The curcumin in this spice works as an anti-inflammatory and helps fight heartburn as well as fighting joint pain and arthritis.

Wintergreen Essential Oil

While toxic in its pure form, this oil when diluted is very effective as a pain relief. It has a high methyl salicylate level. It has a mint smell that makes it great to use topically as well for muscle pain and joint pain. If used as a vapor, it has been shown to improve mood.

White Willow Bark

This is a natural form of aspirin and was used for thousands of years as a pain reliever. It contains both salacin, which is similar in properties to aspirin, and flavenoids, which work well for headaches and back pain. This will take longer to work than aspirin, but it also lasts longer.

Birch Leaf

Methyl Salicylate is similar to the properties of aspirin and also has a natural alternative to cortisol, allowing pain relief, works as a diuretic and also can be effective as a medication to act as an anti-fungal.


Aquamin is found in only a few locations around the world, like Iceland and the west coast of Ireland. Derived from red seaweed, it provides calcium, magnesium zinc, iron and selenium in significant amounts. After one month, study participants in one study reported almost 20% pain reduction.


Cherries contain anthocyanins, which are compounds that inhibit pain enzymes and neutralize the free radicals that would cause inflammation in the joints.

Any of these herbs or even fruits can be a great help in dealing with pain without having to struggle to the pharmacy for over-the-counter medicine. This is welcome to those who are older especially, since they are already taking a significant amount of medication for conditions that hit as people age.