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There are over-the-counter medications to take when women hit that time of the month and are hit with severe pain, but for at home answers, try these tea recipes to treat menstrual cramps

Usually, your period hits at a slightly unexpected time, and the last thing you want to do is run out to the store for medicine. Therefore, there are at-home remedies that may help relieve the discomfort from cramps. Also, there are treatments you can begin a week prior if your cycle is very routine, so you can be proactive against the pain of cramps.

Drinking Tea To Help Cramps

There are some tea recipes that specifically help with cramps and pain. Those include one teaspoon of ground ginger in hot water or warm milk, Calendula, peppermint, cinnamon, yarrow, raspberry leaf and chamomile. You can also try cramp bark, but you need to start drinking that tea three days before your period starts, and you can try pennyroyal. Remember not to drink more than three cups of any of these teas each day. With pennyroyal, do not drink more than two cups and do not drink at all if you think you might be pregnant.

Other Ways to Use Tea for Cramps

When it comes to dealing with cramps, some women will be desperate enough to try anything. However, there are some alternatives to drinking tea if you absolutely can not stomach it. You can try it in a compress, using ginger root that has been simmered in hot water and allowed to cool down as a compress applied to the abdomen.

An alternative to drinking tea is to take a tablespoon of aloe vera juice three times each day while you are suffering from cramps.

If drinking tea is not an option for you for whatever reason, sprinkling the following herbs on your food can help with cramps as well: cinnamon, ginger, garlic, thyme, cloves and freshly ground flaxseed. For the flaxseed, use two to four tablespoons each day.

Aromatherapy and Massage with Oils can also Help

When it comes to aromatherapy or using scented oils to help deal with cramps, lavender is an important scent to use.

For aromatherapy, use four drops of lavender and two each of chamomile, geranium and marjoram. Mix these in a vial with a few chips of rock salt and uncap and breathe deeply whenever you start feeling the discomfort from the cramps.

The same four oils can be used in massage form. Apply to the abdomen and lower back, then apply a heat source like a heating pad or hot water bottle.

Another combination that can be used for massage oil is four drops of lavender, two of clary sage, two of rose and 1/8 cup of almond or olive oil. This should be used by rubbing into the abdomen daily for a week prior to the onset of your period.

These treatments can be alternated until a routine is found or one remedy is found to work best for you. Then repeat as advised and as necessary.

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