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A salad detox recipe can be very helpful if you want to cleanse your body and eat a healthy meal simultaneously.

This particular recipe also contains watermelon, which provides some water and nutrients that the body needs to function. That makes it a great choice to add to a diet that needs more water, is focused on weight loss and one that you are using to cleanse your body while trying to ensure it is at peak performance. This salad can be eaten for lunch or dinner and goes a long way toward helping you get through the day without craving junk food or falling prey to mid-afternoon snack attacks.

Watermelon Has Another Benefit

Watermelon is alkalizing, which is good for the human body. Humans tend to have primarily acidic diets, which do not provide the slightly alkaline state that the human body needs to thrive.

With this in mind, a special salad that includes watermelon, basil and lime provides a lot of nutrients that are important to the body processes.

Five Ingredients Make Tasty Salad

The following five ingredients make a healthy and delicious salad that gives the body many nutrients that are needed to function at its best level.

The watermelon is filled with the antioxidant lycopene and B6, both of which are important to the human body. At over 90% water, the fruit provides the water the body needs along with nutrients. That is a benefit not found in a lot of foods. It helps cleanse the kidneys, fight cancer and reduces inflammation in the body as well.

Basil leaves help with inflammation, cleanses the body while providing a full flavor to the salad.

Pumpkin seeds are a good source of both zinc and magnesium and also provide help with inflammation and provide plant-based omega-3s.

Lime juice has Vitamin C and helps digestion.

Finally, baby spinach provides fiber, calcium and protein, along with other vitamins and minerals. These five ingredients make a tasty salad that is very healthy and helps your body detox.

Mix four cups of watermelon, chopped, with one cup of baby spinach, chopped basil leaves and two tablespoons of pumpkin seeds. Squeeze lime juice over the mixture and serve. It can last up to two days if stored in the fridge.

Salads are very helpful to make you feel full longer and avoid those hunger cravings that lead you to snack on junk food, particularly in the afternoon. For that reason, this salad would be a good choice as a lunch. It also can be helpful as your dinner entree, as it provides a lot of nutrients and does not detract from that with side fats or other unhealthy factors. Eating salad is a good way to make sure you are getting the fruits and vegetables you need. With this salad, the pumpkin seeds provide some of the minerals not normally present in a salad, so you cover additional needs in one meal. Add the amazing taste and this salad is a winner on several levels.