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Changing your diet is usually recommended when dealing with illness, but not many people know how to use Cayenne pepper to cure dyspepsia.

The use of Cayenne pepper to cure a disease may not be your first inclination. However, scientists continually find the benefits of using cayenne pepper to season dishes in your diet.

Symptoms Reduced When Cayenne Pepper Used

Symptoms of dyspepsia include bloating, nausea, loss of appetite, heartburn, burping and stomach pain or discomfort. When studied by scientists, a group that were given cayenne pepper in capsule form to take before eating each of their three regular meals saw a 30% decrease in symptoms by the end of five weeks. This was a result of taking 2.5 grams of cayenne pepper total each day. Those in the group that were given a placebo did not see any decrease in their symptoms of active dyspepsia.

Cayenne Pepper Helps Cardiovascular Health As Well

When it comes to using Cayenne Pepper, it can do a lot more than help with digestive issues. While those are definitely something you want to be rid of fast, consider the fact that Cayenne Pepper can help with Cardiovascular Health too. This is because studies have shown Cayenne Pepper is effective in stopping a heart attack. Cayenne Pepper both boosts circulation and increases heart health. Therefore, the ingestion of Cayenne extract in cases of heart attack have been shown to result in the successful return to health of the individual.

Cayenne Pepper lowers blood pressure and provides a boost of energy to the entire circulatory system. This in turn helps improve the health of the system and keeps you going and minimizes the risk of a heart attack. Again, if the heart attack occurs, the effects can be counterbalanced if you can give the individual Cayenne extract at the time of the attack.

A teaspoon of Cayenne extract should be put in a glass of hot water and consumed at the time of an attack if possible. Another option is to give a teaspoon of extract every 15 minutes while a heart attack is occurring.

Using a cream that includes Capsaicin (which is present in Cayenne Pepper) provides relief from pain. It can also be made into a paste and applied topically to an area to relieve issues like back pain. For those with cluster headaches and desperate, inhaling capsaicin through the nose has been shown to help relieve pain from cluster headaches. However, note the potential pain of this particular treatment before attempting it.

The use of Capsaicin in Cayenne Pepper has been shown to be effective in many ways. This has been the case for centuries as the use of Cayenne Pepper was an accepted remedy for folk healers in various cultures. Using it to spice your food can help as well, as it can give your cardiovascular system that boost even when you are not dealing with an emergency. This can be a benefit to your health in general.