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There are many contributing factors to depression, some that cannot be attributed to chemicals alone; therefore, it is important to find alternatives to prescriptions, like the process of how to treat depression with chlorella.

Chlorella is an algae. This algae has been found to have certain properties that help the human body. Recent studies have shown it may be helpful with depression as well.

Study Shows Depression Patients Respond to Chlorella

A study completed recently by the University of Western Australia showed that out of 92 patients, the 42 who were given 1,800 milligrams of Chlorella vulgaris extract each day had significantly lower results on both the Beck Depression Inventory II and the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale after six weeks of treatment. These tests are widely used in a clinical setting to determine the severity of the depression diagnosis and the level of symptoms experienced by the individual.

The results showed significant decreases in the results on both tests for those patients who took the Chlorella, compared to  little to no change in the control group.

Chlorella Contains Amino Acids

The microalga is usually grown in a controlled environment and is high in protein as well as containing all the essential amino acids.

The proteins that stimulate growth hormone and brain neurotransmitters is also present, giving additional appeal to the microalga. During this study of its effects on depression, a concentrated extract was used. This was done since the body can sometimes have issues breaking down the cell wall of Chlorella, which may have interfered with the efficiency of the test since different people may have different levels of difficulty. With an extract, the cell wall was already broken down, allowing the patients equal ability to absorb the Chlorella and thereby show its impact in a more level environment.

Both the physical and cognitive symptoms of depression were improved through the use of Chlorella. This is helpful since some treatments take away the anxiety symptoms but do not address the physical symptoms and vice versa. This treatment can be more beneficial than the standard therapy currently in place, since it also provides these proteins needed for other body processes at the same time.

Depression affects people worldwide and is a mood disorder that causes persistent lack of interest in one’s activities and interests and also a feeling of sadness that does not go away, even with efforts to counteract it by the individual. It eventually leads to a lack of energy and initiative to leave the house, can lead a person to feel useless and hopeless and can result in suicide in certain cases.

Depression is diagnosed at the tune of three million cases each year in the United States. It also can be treated, provided the individual takes the steps to reach a doctor and have their assistance. Finding a treatment like Chlorella may improve treatment rates as well, given that some people do not like the idea of needing medication to treat their issues with depression.