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All of us have concerns about the pesticides used on vegetables, so it pays to know how to detox pesticides from your body. This effort can go a long way toward preventing sickness and keeping your body from building up too many toxins in the muscles or fat.

The proliferation of pesticides can be scary. However, being prepared and using some of the methods mentioned below can help you stay healthy.

Eat Fermented Foods

Fermented foods help increase the health of bacteria in your gut, and this fights toxins more effectively. Fermented foods are also easier to digest, which means your body can get more nutrients from them with less effort.

Enjoy a Bath or Sauna

A detox bath or a sauna will make you sweat, and sweat removes toxins from the body in an effective manner. This will rid the body of pesticides quickly and effectively if done on a regular basis. A sauna can also help with relaxation, which means your body can focus on the functions needed to stay healthy rather than fighting the effects of stress.

Milk Thistle

This plant is considered a benefit to the liver, but it also helps the body get rid of toxins in general and can be helpful when you are exposed to toxic chemicals other than pesticides.

Eat More Fiber

Organic fruits and vegetables help the body cleanse itself of toxins and also provide nutrients and antioxidants that help your health. They take the toxins from pesticides from your body before they can begin to be stored up.


This well-known blood purifier can be consumed in a tea form and is available in health food stores.

Burdock Root

Considered a natural healer, using a burdock root tea or tincture helps the body flush toxins both through sweat and urine.


When you exercise, the blood flow increases within the body, and this helps you get rid of unwanted toxins that are present in your system. Working out means you detoxify your body and allow it to function more efficiently. Fitting in exercise can release tension, which is also good for the body. The sweat clears out toxins, the activity causes the sweat and releases tension and your body is healthier thanks to the effort. Add to that potential weight loss, which means less effort in every day tasks, and exercise is a definite benefit in detoxing and getting rid of pesticides.

People who ingest pesticides and do not exercise or use other methods to eliminate the toxins can see the results of the buildup when they are diagnosed with serious illnesses. To combat this potential outcome, it is wise to consider at least one of the above methods to cleanse your body and allow yourself the chance to live to a healthy old age. Eat organic and cleanse your body and find how healthy you feel after a month or two of these efforts. It can really make a big difference once you aware of the importance of detox.