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There are no set cures for cancer yet, but it is an interesting fact to consider how black seed oil can cure cancer. This seed works in a unique way to help your body fight off the disease.

The research on black seed oil has found some strong benefits and minimal side effects from the use for helping fight cancer.

Black Seed Oil’s Effect on Cancer Cells

Studies have shown black seed oil has the power to interfere with the activity of some types of cancer cells. It can also kill other types of cancer cells, making it a strong possibility for a cure. In studies done on animals, black seed oil was as effective as anti-cancer drugs for some types of cancer. This includes liver cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer, bone cancer, prostate and colon cancers and lymphoma.

Chinese researchers found that black seed oil has actually been recognized for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. It contains thymoquinone, which has the same effect when extracted as in the oil itself. This compound fights cancer and issues like asthma, diabetes and kidney disease as well.

While the process is not clearly laid out as of yet, researchers believe the compound works as an antioxidant, boosting the body’s immune system and helps the body remove the cancerous cells without allowing toxins to be released into the body. Furthermore, it helps normal cells survive and fight off cancer cells.

Improve Results by Combining Black Seed Oil and Honey

The use of black seed oil and honey together is found to protect against cancer formation and stress at a rate of 100% when tested in rats. The rats also did not have inflammatory responses in the body, compared to the rats who did not have both honey and black seed oil, who were more likely to form cancer when exposed to strong carcinogens.

Meanwhile, the use of black seed oil before radiation and for 10 days after the treatment increases the effect on the cancer while minimizing the side effects of the treatment. This was shown by studying rats that were given black seed oil and given radiation treatment. They were compared to rats that got a saline solution.

Researchers in India found that rats with liver cancer that were given water with thymoquinone showed a reduction in both tumors and liver injury. They did not develop cancer nodules or new tumors. A comparable group that did not receive the thymoquinone had significant increases in the size of the tumors already present, and they saw new tumors grow and the liver suffer more injury.

A study in Egypt on the human liver cancer cells in a laboratory experiment found that honey and black seed extract were effective in causing death to cancer cells while improving the antioxidant status of the cells. A Saudi Arabian study, meanwhile, found black seed extract and black seed oil both have significant effect on the viability of human lung cancer cells.