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Ringworm is something that anyone can get, and it helps a lot if you are not expecting it to have home remedies for ringworm available in your kitchen.

Ringworm is not a pleasant issue to deal with. However, with the following remedies, you are sure to find one that works well for you and can be used to keep you from dealing with ringworm for too long or on a repetitive basis.

Chamomile Tea

There are two methods that can be used when it comes to chamomile tea and getting rid of ringworm. The first is to simply drink the tea three times a day. The second method is to use a clean cotton ball and apply the tea to the area afflicted with ringworm. This should help the issue clear up quickly.


Six teaspoons of garlic extract daily should be sufficient to clear up a case or ringworm. This is because garlic has documented properties that get rid of fungus. If applying as a paste, make sure to use raw garlic and blend it well in the blender. This application can be done three times each day.


Adding five drops of goldenseal to juice and drinking three times each day can give you the benefits of the anti-fungal properties of goldenseal. Using dried powder on your feet socks and shoes twice a day can also help, as can making a tea using goldenseal and applying the tea to the areas of your foot where the fungus is located. This can be done three times a day. Below is a way to use goldenseal and myrrh mixed to fight fungus as well.


Six teaspoons of powdered licorice root, when added to boiling water and simmered for 20 minutes, can be an effective method to fight fungus. This is because licorice has 25 substances known to kill fungus.

Lemongrass Tea

Drinking lemongrass tea three times each day is a method shown effective in killing off fungus. It can only be taken three times a day maximum, however. While drinking the tea, the application of the used tea bags to the area where ringworm is will make it heal faster.


Make a paste with myrrh and goldenseal with water, and you can apply to the afflicted areas three times each day. This will clear up ringworm quickly and efficiently.

Olive-Leaf Extract

Taking 250 milligrams of olive-leaf extract three times each day can be an effective treatment for fungal infections on the body. The immune system is also fortified by this treatment.

Calendula Cream

Whether as a cream or ointment, Calendula diluted in water can be effective against fungus. Use two to three times each day to fight fungal infections on the body.

Any of these methods can be used, depending on how long you want to deal with the ringworm before seeing it cleared up completely. A mixture of two or more of these methods may work, but take care when mixing treatments as it can have negative effects in some cases.

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