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Anger and frustration can take over your life, so if you are prone to these emotions there are some ideas that can help; consider these six tricks to calm down.

Certain situations, like work, school or dealing with your ex about children, may result in some serious anger cropping up. If you recognize the importance of being calm while dealing with others and handling the situation, then it is a good idea to learn a few tricks to calming down quickly so you can handle the situation at hand.

Count Backward from 100

Taking the time to count backward from 100 may not seem like it will get you anywhere, but if you actually put in the effort to think about the numbers then you will have calmed down before you even realize it. This is because your energy is focused away from the negative emotions.

Sniff an Orange

The odor of a peeled orange has been proven to improve your mood and also to reduce stress. Not everyone carries an orange with them, but it can be helpful if you are somewhere that it would make sense to keep one on hand, like in a work environment.

Do a Breathing Exercise

Breath through your nose for four seconds, hold your breath for seven seconds and then exhale through your mouth for a count of eight. This method of breathing helps you focus on something other than the anger or frustration and rapidly allows you to be in control once again.

Eat a Mango

Similar to the smell of the orange, the linalool in a mango helps you calm down if you eat one. It can also be a help as a mental escape, as you consider the exotic location the mango might have grown in and enjoy the dream that you are there rather than your actual location.

Take a Walk or a Run

Exercise is good for the body and the soul. It allows you to work off some of the adrenalin that comes with anger and also helps you focus back on the task at hand if you need to do so. A quick walk somewhere or a longer excursion both do the same amount in terms of helping you refocus energy when you are angry.

Dab Cold Water Behind the Ears

Cooling off veins helps cool off the body. This can be helpful when you are upset or angry. Therefore, consider dabbing cold water either behind your ears or on your wrists. These areas both have a lot of veins running through them, so it makes a significant impact on the body in terms of cooling and calming.

When you are upset, it may seem impossible to change your attention and therefore regain control of emotions. This is true of frustration, sadness, anger and stress-induced feelings. However, with some practice, any of the above routines can help you calm down quickly. Try one today or keep the list handy for those days when nothing seems to go right.

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