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More and more people are aware of the unhealthy environment in which we live and the unhealthy foods we eat. Although it is good, the question is: what and how to protect our own health?

Many studies have shown that ginger successfully destroys cancer cells, without any harmful effects. Ginger can reduce the growth and progression of prostate cancer by 56%. This herb is great when it comes to treatment of some of the most difficult cancers such as lung cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer and skin cancer.

Therefore it is highly important to think consciously and start changing our eating habits. In tune with the times we live in, which is consisted of unhealthy sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, stress, toxic environment, it is impossible to suddenly change eating habits. However, we do our best to gradually begin the process of change.

Start by consuming ginger, but first read this spice’s excellent healing capabilities.

Ginger – treats people for more than thousands of years

Ginger is herb of the lily family. It origins from China and its Latin name is Zingiberofficinale. It looks like a cane and can grow more than a meter in height. We consume ginger’s root which has an irregular shape with light yellow to brown color, has a sharp, strong and penetrating flavor. Ginger is one of the favorite spices in Asian cuisine, and it is most consumed in India. It is known in the Middle East and Southern Europe since distant past, where it is used as a spice and medicine.

It can treat anything between colds and cancer

Ginger has incredible power in the treatment of various virus infection and influenza. Besides helping in the treatment of influenza and colds, the treatment is much healthier and cheaper than conventional treatment with antibiotics. Ginger cures many other diseases as well, reduces the symptoms of arthritis, strengthens immunity, helps with nausea, cramps, hemorrhoids, it helps with digestive system related problems, poor circulation, heart problems, menstrual cramps, lowers blood sugar, helps with swelling (if used as a coating), reduces cholesterol, discards the toxins from the blood, enhances the libido, possesses antibacterial and antiviral properties, enhances memory, prevents the growth of cancer cells.

It cleanses the body of toxins and reduces the damaging effects of MCI

The latest research has shown that ginger can repair the damage done by the consumption of monosodium glutamate-MSG, well known toxin that severely impairs health. MSG is widely used inexpensive artificial flavor, used in the food industry. When consumed it is tasty, but causes many harmful effects such as headache, migraine, depression, accelerated heart rate, wheezing, chest pain, nausea…

It prevents the growth of cancer cells

Many studies have proven that ginger successfully destroys cancer cells, without any harmful effects, which occur with the usage of anticancer drugs and chemotherapy. It is interesting to mention that it helps in the treatment of the most difficult cancers such as cancers of the lungs, prostate, pancreas, ovary, colon and breast.

The active ingredient in ginger, gingerol, successfully stops the growth of colon and ovarian cancer – it initiates apoptosis, or death of cancer cells, and autophagy or self-decomposition of cancer cells.


Pregnant women should not use ginger. It is also not recommended for stopping bleeding because ginger actually increases bleeding. Also, ginger is not recommended if you use drugs for high blood pressure because this spice reduces blood pressure.