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The benefits of Frankincense have been accepted for centuries, as a help to the immune system; there is even a Frankincense oil treatment to cure cancer.

This treatment can be a great help to a body struggling to overcome cancer. Meanwhile, Frankincense helps reduce inflammation, fights infection and boosts immunity, helps deal with anxiety and heals skin issues like acne and scarring.

Oil Treatment Helps Fight Off Cancer

The good news is that Frankincense tends to have no side effects for the vast majority of people who take it to fight cancer. It helps kill the cancer cells associated with ovarian cancer, as well as brain, breast, pancreatic and prostate cancers. Stomach cancer also can be treated using frankincense, according to a study from the University of Leicester. This is because the frankincense regulates cellular machinery that promotes the healing of cells and fights off the effects of cancer on otherwise healthy cells.

Frankincense Oil Helps with Side Effects Related to Brain Cancer Treatment

Those suffering from brain cancer have found that issues like headaches, blurred vision and migraines as a result of irradiation to fight off the tumors. When using frankincense, however, the swelling of the brain that resulted after radiation was drastically reduced. Patients used frankincense rather than steroids and avoided the potential complications that come with a dose of steroids. They still got a significant benefit of reduced swelling and a drastic reduction in the symptoms associated with that swelling.

Frankincense also helps decrease the sensitivity of the immune system, stimulates the t-cell interactions and the cytokines and also helps lymphocytes fight off inflammation. Using a few drops of essential oil on the tongue can be enough to gain these impressive effects and keep the pain and issues at a minimum. If it is also fighting the cancer and reducing its impact on the body, that is an additional benefit that can not be ignored.

Patients that use frankincense usually are at a point where the main goal is to improve what quality of life they can. However, frankincense does more than that. It gives them hope they had otherwise lost, improves both quality of life and chance of remission. This is an amazing quality for an essential oil that does not have enough respect in the medical community in regards to the benefits it shares with people who use it properly.

Studies need to be done to see how this essential oil can greatly reduce the effects of various cancers so it can be more widely accepted in the medical community and used to replace steroids after radiation treatment has been done. This will mean a great improvement to the patient’s quality of life and eliminate the concerns over side effects from taking steroids. Most cancer patients will welcome this change and be glad to hear they will benefit from such a simple dose of a basic essential oil. As medicine depends more and more on man-made compounds, this dependence on essential oil that is naturally produced will be a strong intervention.