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Wi-Fi is defined as a wireless network, which you can use to connect the electronic devices, without being necessary to rely the device on the network cable.

Wi-Fi was a huge success all around the globe, and you probably have Wi-Fi in your home. Today it is very normal to find wi-fi in almost every home, coffee shop etc. Since Wi-Fi’s arrival, mobile phones were presented with a positive benefit when it comes to their service. However, these same companies have received instructions for proper usage of the services in order to prevent any kind of health damage.

Wi-fi is a silent killer that kills us slowly

Routers are very often used in our homes in order to connect our wireless devices, such as electronic tablets or smartphones, but the most concerning thing is the consequences of using this service; When the router emits WLAN signals, electromagnetic waves are being produced. These electromagnetic waves can make some serious health damage. Most Wi-Fi users ignore this fact because of their lack of knowledge. However, in time electromagnetic waves will begin to reflect the human body and eventually start doing harm to it. The “Britain Health Agency” has conducted this study and they proved that routers can hinder people and plant growth.

Consequences because of too much wi-fi exposure:

Sleep problems

Frequent headaches

Pain in the ears

Chronic fatigue

Lack of concentration.

Technology is certainly needed and it provides us with better life. We just know how to use it and if/when something can do us harm, we do not know how to provide protection for ourselves. Below in this article we have shared some advises on how to use wi-fi router safely, or at least how to decrease the damage that can result due to use of these devices.

How to protect children from these waves

Turn off or disconnect programs Seine wi-fi before going to bed

Turn off the router when you are not using wireless devices

In case you use wireless phone in residential building, you can replace them with a cable phone

Make sure to avoid router in the the bedroom and kitchen.

Source: http://tdhealthyfood.com