Reduce The Calorie Level Of The Rice With This Simple Trick

2 years

There are many good reasons why rice is so widely consumed worldwide. It is easy to prepare and easy to digest. But you cannot call rice a great food. It is full of calories, low on nutrients, increases weight, and increases risk of developing type II diabetes. Do you know that each cup of rice supplies you with 200 calories of energy? But making just 1 change can not only help add valuable nutrients, it can also reduce rice’s calorific value by 50%. The trick is to add some coconut oil to rice and storing it in the refrigerator for 12 hours.

How Does Coconut Oil Benefit?

When the starch present in rice is boiled, it becomes easily digestible. Your body converts the starch into glycogen and sugar which gets stored in the form of fat (causing weight gain). But when you add some coconut oil (3%), these lipids minimize the amount of starch that is digestible. Coconut oil also affects the composition of starch. When you cool the prepared rice in fridge, the starch takes a heavy form. Overall, the calorific value of rice is reduced significantly. It remains so even when re-heated.

Research Work

Scientists at the College of Chemical Sciences, Sri Lanka found that adding coconut oil to white rice and then cooling it in refrigerator could help in reducing its calorific value.

The researchers came to this conclusion after studying over three dozen varieties of rice when finding ways to convert certain amount of digestible starch in rice to non-digestible form.

The conclusion from the research was stunning. They made the following discovery:

  • It helped in producing over 10 times of non-digestible starch compared to rice prepared using normal process.
  • It helped in reducing calories by up to half in many varieties of rice.

The scientists claim that in some types of rice, the amount of calories can be reduced by up to 60%.

How does this Work?

Glucose present in cooked rice loses its structure when hot. When you place the rice in the refrigerator, the molecules start restructuring and form strong bonds. This makes them less digestible.

Research has already proven that this method is effective in the case of potatoes, which are loaded with starch. In the case of rice, adding coconut oil was expected to help provide additional level of protection against starch and extra calories. The oil molecules lock their way into rice and help create a protection against faster digestion.

There are other benefits to from making the starch in rice less digestible. The good bacteria in your digestive tract will get food for themselves. These bacteria found in the gut find this type of starch as a rich source of energy. The scientists also concluded that less digestible starch didn’t break down even when the rice was reheated.

So if you want to cut the calorie count from your rice intake by 50%, you should start adding coconut oil to your rice when cooking it. The calories will remain unaffected even if you reheat the refrigerated rice. Besides, there are many other natural health benefits of coconut oil as well.



Source: Natural Medicine House