Remedy Against Polyps, Huskiness And Other Throat Diseases

4 years
Remedy Against Polyps, Huskiness And Other Throat Diseases

Are you suffering from some kind of throat problems? Here is an effective remedy for treating various throat diseases, gruffness, and cysts. This is an organic remedy that is highly effective and still doesn’t have any side effects. But keep in mind that this remedy should be taken only by adults.

  • Herb Selenium – 1 root
  • Brandy – 1 L
How to Prepare?
  • Wash the selenium root
  • Peel off its upper coating and slice it into tiny pieces
  • Add all the sliced root pieces into a bottle
  • Add half the brandy onto it
  • Leave it for 1 week and then add the remaining brandy
How to Use?
  • Use the liquid to gargle 5 times per day
  • Don’t filter the herbs

It is important to understand that this remedy is only for garbling and you must not drink the alcohol. Care should also be taken that the herbs are not filtered from the mixture.

It is recommended to consult a doctor before taking this natural treatment.



Source: Sport Online Group