This Medication Is Often Recommended By Doctors For Patients With A Weak Immune System! (RECIPE)

3 years

For people that have weak immunity, doctors might help look for a fix through medication. However, you can make a natural remedy and boost your overall health simply. The active ingredients in this formula are very effective in fighting off diseases which can often take over the health of even the healthiest of people.

  • ½ liter of lemon juice (derived from 1 kg of lemons) mixed with the following:
  • 350 grams of sesame paste (about half of a jar)
  • 1 kg honey (if crystallized, stir until dissolved)
Then add:
  • 250 grams each of almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, and sesame seeds (grind sesame seeds in a coffee grinder)
  • 30 milliliters of propolis
  • 10 grams of ground cinnamon or ground nutmeg
How to take:

To get great results, you can use these directions for the best outcomes. If a patient has cancer or is starting chemotherapy, a large dose is recommended with 4 tablespoons a day: 1 tablespoon before breakfast, 1 tablespoon a couple of hours after breakfast; 1 tablespoon two hours following lunch, and the last to be taken right before bed. This helps maximize the immunity during chemotherapy and during the duration of treatment, it can be taken in half switching to teaspoons instead of tablespoons but taken during the same intervals of the day. The lower dose is great for everyone to boost their immune system.



Credit: Cuisine & Health