Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Nail Polish

3 years

If you can’t pronounce it, should you be using it? Most of the chemicals found in nail polish are chemicals which could actually be dangerous to your overall health. Grab your favorite nail polish and just check out the ingredient list. You’ll find that there are six chemical ingredients which are toxic to your health that are commonly found in nail polish.

1. Camphor

This chemical is a plasticizer, prevents decay of dead insects in an entomologist’s bug collection, and is even a rust repellent. This chemical has been linked to irritable feelings, causing seizures, and toxicity in the body. While your nails are a part of your living body, do you really want to taint them with Camphor?

2. Formaldehyde

The vapors in this chemical, which is used to preserve the dead, it is actually very irritating. It commonly triggers asthma and can cause skin problems. It also has other carcinogenic effects and can even cause cancer.

3. Toluene

This chemical is made from petroleum or coal tar and long term exposure to it is often linked to anemia. It also contributes to a low blood cell count in the body, kidney and liver damage, and if pregnant, can affect the fetus. If you smelled this by itself, you would experience dizziness.

4. Formaldehyde Resin

While this hasn’t been directly linked to cancer like regular formaldehyde, it does create dermatitis. This is a skin allergy condition where the skin becomes sore, swollen, and red. Dermatitis often is accompanied with small blisters due to the irritation of the skin by the agent or even just an allergic reaction.

5. Parabens

These are preservatives which are commonly used in cosmetics. According to research, parabens may be possibly linked to breast cancer.

6. Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)

This chemical has actually been banned in Europe but is still approved for use in America. It is linked to reproductive system issues as well as other health problems. It’s best to stay away.

Now you know what you might just be possibly putting onto your nails. Is it really that pretty?