10 Beneficial Industrial Uses For Coke

3 years

Coca Cola is the world’s most valuable brand and most recognizable as well, but even though the company represent themselves as environmental and social, they are connected to water shortages and pollution as well. Its acidity has led many people to ask the toxicity which is related to long-term health and this is all due to the fact that the pH rating is a point higher than that of the battery acid. A 4 year study by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute discovered that people who consumed minimum 1 soda a day had 44% higher risk of developing metabolic syndrome. They studied 2,400 middle aged people from Framingham (MA) and focused more on those 1,600 who did not have any signs of metabolic syndrome when the study started. Moreover, there were other conditions which appeared among those people: increased risk of high blood pressure, 25% higher risk of having low cholesterol levels, 30% higher risk of getting larger waistline, 31% higher risk of becoming obese, and finally 32% higher risk of having low levels of good cholesterol.

While another study showed that there was a 48% higher risk of heart attack or stroke when drinking 1 or more sodas a day compared to those who did not drink it every day.

Coca cola can be good only as a cleaning product as it has 2.5 pH levels (0-7 is acidic, while 7-14 is alkaline). Due to this pH level, Coke can clean surfaces just like many household cleaners.

  • It can remove rust (dip fabric, sponge, or aluminum foil);
  • Bring chrome a high shine;
  • Remove stains from vitreous china;
  • Remove blood stains from fabric;
  • Strip paint off metal furniture (soak a towel and let it lay on the paint surface);
  • Clean burnt pans (soak it in Coke and then rinse);
  • Clean oil strains (let it soak and hose off);
  • Clean the toilet (pour it and leave it for a while, then flush it);
  • Make pennies shine bright (soak them in Coke and remove the tarnish);
  • Clean the engine.

Coca cola has some pretty awesome uses for the household and outside, but it is not good for your health, so be cautious.


Source: http://naturalmedicinehouse.com/