Natural Remedy For Better Hearing

3 years

1. Honey and cinnamon

In order to have a better hearing you can use a composite made of even amounts of cinnamon and honey. Use it twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

2. Red wine and green tea

It is helpful for your heart, mood, immunity, and lately studies have proved that red wine can keep you safe from baldness. Thanks to the antioxidants included, the red wine protects the hairs in the inner ear, which are charged for protecting the ear from outer effects.

The green tea will provide you with same benefits as wine.

3. Drops of garlic

People from Sicily are using garlic for many ailments. In order to improve your healing you should know about this recipe.

Crush several cloves of garlic in olive oil. Make sure that the garlic has released its juice and then filtrate it through gauze.

Apply few drops of the oil in your ear and then by using cotton you should close the ear.

4. Juice, red onion and garlic

This drink is considered as most effective in restoring hearing. In order to make this drink you should take 30ml of garlic juice and 30ml of red onion juice. Consume this drink ones a day.


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