Warning: Why You Should NEVER Re-Boil Water!

4 years

It happens. You put a kettle of water on to make a cup of tea, it boils, you turn it off and you get distracted by something else. When you remember that you wanted a cup of tea, the water has cooled down, so you put it back on to boil again. The next time this happens, stop! Don’t boil the same water again!

While it’s too late to change it if you’ve already done it in the past, never do it again in the future. Re-boiling water can be extremely dangerous. Why? – Because the composition of water is altered when it is boiled.

You know how you see the steam coming off of the water when you boil it? Well, that steam is made up of volatile compounds, and they burn out of the water, turn into gasses and leave the water as steam. When your boiled water cools down, those dissolved volatile gasses, as well as minerals, settle back into it. When you re-boil the water, the chemical compounds are changed again; however, the way they are changed is actually harmful.

When water is re-boiled, dangerous components will collect in the water instead of escaping from it. What type of harmful substances? Usually re-boiled water contains:

  • Arsenic
  • Nitrates
  • Fluoride

You probably wouldn’t buy a bottle of water that said it contained arsenic, would you? Of course not! So, why would you re-boil water if there is a chance that it could contain arsenic?

Healthy minerals are retained in boiled water, but even they can become dangerous when they become amassed in re-boiled water. For example, calcium salts can collect in the water, and they can cause gallstones and kidney stones if enough is consumed.

How Re-Boiled Water Can Affect You

Do you want more details about how re-boiled water can harm you? If so, read on.

  • Toxic Nitrates. When the nitrates in water are exposed to high temperatures, as they are when water boils, they become extremely toxic. High temperatures completely change the composition of nitrates, turning them to nitrosamines, and nitrosamines are carcinogenic. They can cause various types of cancers.
  • Arsenic Intoxication. If you consume enough boiled water, over time, you could suffer from arsenic intoxication, which could lead to a number of very serious health problems, such as cancer, heart disease, neurological problems and even infertility.
  • Excessive Fluoride Intake. If you take in too much fluoride, you could experience neurological problems. Children who receive too much fluoride can suffer from cognitive delays.

Given the aforementioned information, the next time you go to re-boil that kettle of water (or any other water), think again. You could potentially be exposing yourself – and anyone else who consumes the water – to extremely dangerous toxins.

It’s really not worth the change. If you forget about the water you boiled and it has cooled, just empty it out and re-fill that kettle or pot with fresh water.



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