Asian home remedies for colds and flu

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Asian home remedies for colds and flu

With the recent cold weather, many people are affected by cold or flu.  I have successfully treated many of my clients’ cold symptoms at Chi-Yu wellness centre using holistic therapies such as acupuncture, aromatherapy and reflexology to speed up their recovery.

Asian remedy to beat colds and flus

However I can also recommend natural remedies you can make at home. These are traditional remedies known to prevent and treat cold and flu in Asian cuulture. Here are some Asian home remedies and tips:

Drink ginger and honey tea
Plenty of fluid intake to keep your throat moist and body hydrated. If you are suffering from chills or nausea, drink hot tea infused with grated ginger, honey and lemon juice. Lemon is rich in Vitamin C which helps to recover faster from cold, ginger helps to boost circulation and reduce nausea, honey helps to sooth sore throat. (For extra strength boil ginger in water for 10mins)

Gargle regularly with green tea
A Japanese study suggests gargling regularly with green tea can prevent from catching cold. Green tea contains compounds called Catechins which is known to be a natural antiseptic. Brew loose green tea leaf for a few minutes and let the tea cooled to mild temperature before gargling.

Wear a scarf to prevent external wind invading your body
Wear scarf around your neck to keep warm in the cold or windy weather. In Eastern Medicine, cold is caused by a type of pathogen described as ‘external wind ‘, which can invade our body from the nape of neck, leading to cold symptoms such as chills, sore throat or runny nose. Also keeping the neck warm generally prevents the body from the heat loss.

Put tangerine orange peel in your tea or bath
Dried tangerine peels are traditionally used to relieve cold symptoms. Infuse the tangerine peels in the hot water for a few minute and drink it as a tea. Alternatively, have a bath infused with the peels. Stuff tangerine peels in a gauze and put it in the bath. You can also add Sea salt in the bath which help to ease the muscles aches caused by cold.

Cure a sore throat with Mooli
For sore throat and coughing, try mooli, a type of Asian radish. The mooli is rich in Vitamin C and zinc . Soak diced Mooli radish in honey or brown sugar for 1-2 days. Drink the juice extracted from the mooli mixed with warm water.

Get plenty of rest
Finally, the best remedies for cold and flu is getting plenty rest which allow the body to recover faster.


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